Extech Water Restoration Contractor Kit- MO290-RK Some Parts Missing, Read

This is a partial kit. Included is the MO-290 HP hammer probe, MO-290 BP Baseboard probe, MO-290 P moisture probe, MO-290 EP extension moisture probe, a set of long pins, medium pins, and short pins. Also included is the RHT10 data logger and a 445580 Moisture/humidity pen that is damaged and does not respond. The actual moisture meter is not included/not available. The case is damaged, the latches do not latch and the back where the case hinges is damaged. Included are the cd’s and manuals. Not tested. Sold as-is, as shown. No returns.
$130 shipped
Located in Forsyth, MO

Nice set. Not cheep.
What happened to the meter?

It was lost.

I’m willing to take offers on this. I need it out of my garage.

I still have this. I don’t need it. You do. Make an offer

Bump mitt bump bump

Sell it on eBay!