time to retire and sell my equipment

I am wanting to sell my equipment to fellow inspectors that will get use out of it all equipment is in good working order but may contain slight visible wear. I am asking for best offer on any equipment.

1 e perm kit with 18 canisters 8 long term 10 long term

1 fluke tir125 and case

1 1028 crm with case and printer

1 survey master moisture meter

will list other and images later when i get home.

What condition is the moisture meter in?

its in good condition and in a case no visual wear or anything.

Send pics/ prices to mgreenhomes@yahoo.com when you can
Interested in everything.


What is the price for everything? Give me a good deal and I will buy it all…

What the heck Russell? I cant compete with that. LOL

i just sent you a message


Here is the cost sheet. Just let me know if your interested!
Norm Berg