Exterior Doors

Exterior Doors with Double Keyed Deadbolts

Not good. And not allowed here in Manitoba, at least not on every outside door.

No good safety issue here

Does not allow turtles to escape in a reasonable time. Don’t taze me bro. :wink:

I recently spent the Holiday weekend with friends whom had deadbolts keyed on the inside. I didn’t like but didn’t say anything. The keys were in the locks. Front and back doors. Why do people have these? Should be banned for home use.

Why is this a poll?
They are against code in most areas for obvious reasons .

Somebody does not not it as observed by the voters…hmmmm

Maybe I will poll asking if asbestos in drinking water is a bad thing .

I think they are allowed under very special circumstances.
Like a person in the home with Alzheimer’s who likes to wonder about out side .
I ran into this once .

Ha ha so make sure in a fire they stay put eh?

Glad to hear they got you back inside safe Roy… :wink:

But, you can buy double keyed deadbolt locks at any big box store.

OOOOHHHH ! …Never mind.

Most of us have learned to never mind you ages ago Bob, you are kinda special. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah you to Spaceman.
Now how about a poll that is not a time waster.

What is your vote duuude.

Seriously if you can buy them they must ok right?

I always call these out on a bone inspection. Realtor told me once, why do you put this on your report it is no big deal. Told her image you had a fire and lost your key. Unless the door is glass which still might cut you up good, this situation might not turn out good.


I installed them on three of my exterior doors. The keys are kept in the deadbolts. Two of the doors head to the pool area and the other door has a large pond on that part of the yard. I have a 4 year old and a 6 year old that we can’t always keep an eye on and I’m eliminating the possibility of them getting too careless. We have three other exterior doors.


We have numerous loaded guns at different locations throughout our house.
Why do we need double keyed deadbolts???

So your guns won’t wander outside on their own and shoot someone! Get with the program man!

Bones must be kept under lock and key. They should never be allowed to see the light of day. Besides, everyone has them (skeletons in the closet) and have no need to be shared with outsiders!