Exterior first

I’m going to try to ask sme questions to get our focus back on inspecting and sharing knowledge, methods and strategies. First one:

I always show up very early to home inspections. I am pretty good at timing it so that I can get the exterior done and be on the roof when the client gets there. If not, I just take an extra look at those exposed nails. :wink: Realtors pick up on this and generally like the idea. Anyone else do something like this?

I try my best to be about 1 hour before scheduled time. It takes 15 min. to gather outside data before I start the inspection.

A whole hour? Do the sellers complain? That’s something I run into occasionally

I’m going to start arriving earlier to give me extra time to copy all of the appliance model numbers. :stuck_out_tongue:

In Central VA, unlike Northern VA home inspectors can’t get supra access. I wouldn’t be able to do this.

I think its VERY important to let the clients see you inspect the house, if you spend only 15 minutes looking at the exterior / roof with them they might wonder why you weren’t more thorough. Perception is extremely important.

I do alot before going to the door. all my street pics, side view, meter locations, drive way and side walks pics, weather cond., location house faces, water in ditches. A lot a little things .

They don’t need to see you inspect. They need to see what you found. I get off the roof and let them know I did the exterior already. When we are done I take them around the outside and show them what I found. There are always numerous things and there’s no doubt in my mind they are absolutely convinced I could not have done a more thorough job.

I always let my clients know the inspection process takes time, generally 3 - 4 hours, that they’re more than welcome to be at the entire inspection, but if they want to wait and show up toward the end (last hour or so) that’s OK too. More of them are starting to wait and meet me toward the end.

I usually try to arrive 20 - 30 minutes early to get a general idea of the property, exterior photos, enter descriptions, etc.

I like to get the roof done and the ladder put away .
Many years ago I was on the roof leaning over looking at the chimney , when a nice young lady asked what I was seeing .
I almost jumped of the roof .
Here is this lady in a tight dress and high heeled shoes on the roof.
WE all know how easy it is to get on the roof from a ladder but a lot harder to get from the roof to a ladder.
Here I am trying to help her without getting too personal .
Finally we got to the ground.
From then on I always was an hour early so this would never happen to me again.

Excellent point! Nick G. gave me a sign to stop crazy people from doing this.

When I run into this issue I’m always polite and let them go up the ladder first. :mrgreen:

Nice to meet a man who’s honest about being a man. :smiley:

I try to get there 30-60 minutes early but schedules rarely allow for it. Most of my clients are with me the entire inspection. If I come out of an attic or crawl and I’m filthy, I wait to dust off until I’m speaking to the client and agent about what I’ve just seen. Clients should know and see the service you are providing them.

Seeing the report is for their protection, seeing you inspect is for their referral. :wink:

I plan to arrive 15 minutes early do the paperwork then open up the house. I want to be first to arrive. Many times clients will arrive much later anyway. I do not approach an occupied house nor do I open an unoccupied house more than 5 minutes before the scheduled start time, unless it’s new construction.

Once in, I go through and set the house up before I start on the exterior.

IMO: The whole point of scheduling an appointment is to set expectations as to when you will be arriving and performing the inspection. I don’t think it’s right to disregard the agreed start time. It’s inconsiderate to both the buyer and seller.

If the house is occupied, I arrive about 15 min early so I can get a clean pic of the house before anyone else arrives.

If the house is vacant, I normally arrive 30 min to an hour early nod try to ge the exterior done.

That is usually how I roll for my morning appointments. I usually can’t arrive any earlier than 30 min to my afternoon jobs.

I’m always early, never had anyone complain about it. Most people don’t follow me around and watch, the whole time, many start out watching and quickly get bored and wander off.

If I get there 45 min early and the exterior is done or close, they get the verbal cliff notes…

“Hi sir, I got ahead of shedule so I figured I’d get here early and save us all some time, I already started on the exterior, looks like…”

30 minutes most of the time for me, time to walk around a couple times , works for me

Always early…
I also email the Realtor in advance, tell them I will be one hour early.
I also send the my cert association, tell the I am E&O insured, and how long I am going to be on the home.

Hope you guys have a signed agreement ahead of time before you step on the property alone.
I prefer to go through with the client and look together myself.

Defiantly would not be climbing roofs on someone else’s property with nobody present nor stepping foot on.
If early I simply look around the perimeter.

Imagine if yob were at the wrong address.

Usually not most times I never got the contract signed till I met the client at the inspection .
Canada is different .
No idea about Toronto but I expect most contracts are still signed at the inspection .