Exterior GFCI receptacles

Still seeing new construction having exterior GFCI receptacles being served/protected by ‘feed-through’ GFCI receptacles in bathrooms.
Doesn’t IRC 2003 (page 458) E3603.4 “prohibit” this? “Bathroom branch circuits…Such circuits shall have no other outlets.”

The local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) decides which codes the area abides by or not. This is a question best suited for you local AHJ.

Hope this helps.

This municipality in question has adopted IRC 2003.
So, it should be clear that the branch circuit for the bathroom(s) should serve only bathrooms, and no other areas, correct?

Larry -

Just because the AHJ adopts a certain codes does not mean they enforce all of its provisions OR they may choose to exclude some parts of it.

Perfect examples in my area are WEEP HOLES in a brick wall. Never seen unless in commercial construction. Bathroom EXHAUST FANS are NOT vented outside BECAUSE local builders and code guys say if attic is vented taking them to the attic is the same as going outside.

Bottom line - like Chuck said educate yourself by going and meeting your local AHJ and sitting down with them and asking questions. I did that 12 years ago with 4-5 local AHJ’s in different municipalities and started getting referrals from them for HI’s. I also get calls from them on things they question or need further info on.

Larry, you are correct the ‘codes’ speak against doing this, but your inspection isn’t a code enforcement. You can comment about it as an observation, and suggest further reading.

I don’t remember my home inspector telling me about the wiring of my house, i have the same situation, but it wouldn’t have made me not buy it. It would have tipped me off the electrician was sloppy and lazy not to run a separate line, and cause me to look further into what else he took short cuts on.

So, imho, comment about what you found, since it doesn’t appear a life and safety issue.


Thanks, Tom!
Ditto about not being a life/death prob nor deterring me from buying a home with exter. gfci’s fed from bathroom.
Any comments/answers to my post/question about electr. bonding for water heaters, especially gas?
Thanks again,

They are a lot tougher in SW Fla. No other outlets on bathroom circuits, no venting in the attic.
Usually the outside receptacle will be off of the garage circuit. It is not the way I would do it but it is legal

They are just as tough in VA in regards to the bathroom outlets as well. We usually run the outside GFCI by itself in the size homes we usually do.

Check out your state code adoptions on its website. Indiana has adopted IRC 2003, but has 70 pages of amendments to it for 2005. It has recently rescinded AFCI requirements for bedrooms.

I have a policy, since I have a small yard and an electric lawn mower, to keep the outside receptacles on a separate 20 amp circuit. However, even when people ‘follow’ codes, I find outside receptacles on like the living room circuit, or first floor general lighting, etc. Imagine making up your house like the Griswold’s in Christmas Vacation, and not able to watch TV? :smiley:

IMHO, once again, I can’t enforce the laws, and can’t beat every dumb/cheap electrician with a rock. Not enough rocks. Just comment it, and explain why it’s wrong. :frowning:


lol…that would be IF you are working with Dumb Electricians…however how about the Dumb DIYer or the Dump Home Owner who are allowed to wire then own home in many states.

Or how about the states that do not have any statewide mandate on electrical training…not the general problem of the electrician to think about the future use of a circuit…only to wire it within the boundaries of the providing code in the area they reside in.

However, their are still many good electricians out their who take into consideration future issues and potential use of a circuit and wire accordingly, it’s called bringing common sense into a world where you are free to do with without common sense and only by the manual.

Technically you can’t fault the electrician IF they place an outside receptacle on with the living room circuit and protect the one outside with a GFCI…it is not against the standards of the NEC…is it out of the standards of the electrical dark society…can’t tell you…been going against the grain all my life so I don’t always do things OTHERS do…kinda the REBEL in me…:slight_smile:

Just so happens THIS electrician likes to have the outside receptacles on their own circuit…but again thats me.

Just don’t start slingin ROCKS this way…:)…

Believe it or not there are some electricians who only learn about code changes thru red tags. It is entirely possible that this is not legal in your area, and whoever wired the place just hasn’t had it caught yet. In many areas a final inspection is done by a general building inspector, not an electrical inspector. Like Charles said,you should call your local AHJ and ask if it is legal. Ask to speak to an electrical inspector.