NEC history lesson needed

Could someone tell me historically since when
GFCI on all counter top receptacles have been required,
two small appliance branch circuits for the kitchen counter top receptacles has been required,
the bathroom circuit has been required to be 20A protected,
the bathroom circuit should not have any other outlets

Appreciate any feedback.

That’s been posed here several times in the past, but you need to know something else. Just because a particular code existed during a certain point in history doesn’t necessarily mean that code was in force in your jurisdiction.

If this has been posted elsewhere i can’t seem to find it.

When did the two circuit requirement for kitchen’s take effect?

also when did the requirement that bathroom circuits not allow exterior outlets on them?

GFCI or GFI, for reasons of safety, should be installed in **all bathrooms (required since 1975), kitchens (1987), unfinished basements (1987), outside receptacles (1973). garages (1978, wet bar countertops (1993), spas and hot tubs (1978, and ****boathouses **(1987).