Exterior panel tapped at meter socket

Michael, I’ve been a licensed electrician in Ohio since the 1970s. I’ve been licensed as a general electrical contractor in Ohio since 1981. I was one of the first trainers approved by the state (for all five mechanical trades) when we went to statewide certification and I ran a training program for contractors at Bowling Green State University during the 1990s.

I was one of the first to be certified when we went to statewide certification and one of the first to be licensed by the state when we went to statewide licensing. I’ve built several manufacturing plants in Ohio and I lead the commissioning (inspection and testing) teams for major expansions of the waste water treatment plants in Toledo and Cincinnati.

I doubt there is much you can tell me about Ohio regulations or how tough Ohio is.

Now go back under the bridge that you crawled out from.

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He is clueless about what we can and cannot do in Ohio anyway. He is a non-member troll. I agree that it is time for him to be voted out. He is a troll and he needs to go back under his bridge.


funny Ohio only began licensing Electrical Contractors in Sept. 2001. My OCILB # was 26286. What was/is yours?

I was at the OHIB meeting today and NO home inspector was given permission to inspect the inside of an electrical panel.

ASHI is trying to get that in but they will fail.

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