Exterior stairs

Picture 003 (Small).jpg

Would you consider these stairs a tripping hazard ?
Your opinion is appreciated. Thanks.

It’s really tough to judge the height of the patio and stair rise but I wouldn’t be too concerned about these stairs. Just my opinion though.

If you think it may be…notify client of potential…it’s their call for the fix handrail or additional lighting…


From the 2006 IRC:

“R311.5.3.2 Tread depth. The minimum tread depth
shall be 10 inches (254 mm). The tread depth shall be
measured horizontally between the vertical planes of the
foremost projection of adjacent treads and at a right
angle to the tread’s leading edge. The greatest tread depth
within any flight of stairs shall not exceed the smallest by
more than 3/8 inch (9.5 mm).

Joe, Is that a tread or a landing??? To me it looks more like a landing.


My first take was a stair tread. But I see your point. I searched the IRC and everywhere a landing dimension is specified, it is set to 36" minimum. But those specifications are only given for landings in stairs and outside doors. It’s subject to interpretation I suppose.

I would not worry about it. Its not high…looks even…nice level (sorta) surface.

In Chicago you would kill your self in the winter with no handrails.

That would be the REAL concern in a northern area. If they see enough snow in AZ to hide these steps than they would have more to worry about than a handrail.:mrgreen: (and, yes, i realize there are some areas in AZ that see a fair amount of snow)