Exterior Step/Handrail Question

I did an inspection yesterday and the home had an interesting set of steps from the basement to the rear yard. My concern is the handrails, what do you all think? Does this look OK or should more handrails be added ?



OK by me.

No additional railing is required. My only comment would be to the rail-end. It should be turned into the wall or blocked.

Thanks Joe and Jeff. Good catch Jeff, I did note that.:cool:


Not a fan of the sloped landing up top.
Is that a trip hazard?
(see upper right ,1st picture)

Its a big flat level concrete patio.


I’d be more concerned with the lack of adequate fall protection around the stair well opening.

But that may not be an easy call.

BINGO, that was my original concern.:shock:

Aren’t the tops of all stairs usually open? That’s what makes all stairs dangerous to some degree. If you want to be perfectly safe, sit in your room and don’t ever go out of it. Life has risks.

That’s why I said it was not easy.

Yes stairs are dangerous but drop poorly protected drop offs even more so.

maybe you don’t call out poor balcony guard rails either.

You tell me.

Looks like a high gloss paint, might recommend 3M-Safety walk Treads


Out door amphitheater?
Get your tickets early, seats fill up fast!

handrail required…
your market may vary…

There is also a small course I took on it in 2004.
For this application I would recommend it and a Railing in the middle.

Good point as we write up a 4.5 inch baluster gap while this is OK.

Agreed. Turned into the wall or boxed end.
IRC on residential.
No residential code for wide stairways.
UBC and California have building requirement but not pertaining to residential.

You mean not like this!

987 Third Line West 0ct 11 2012 036.JPG

Boxed into the wall. Finishing off the railing and aiding as the railing support.
Along the wall as in the photo.
That is an open side and newel post Kevin.
Sorry if I was not clear.

No you were very clear Robert!
I was referring to no graspable handrail in this New House as a point of interest.
Here is the one outside.

987 Third Line West 0ct 11 2012 016.JPG