Exterior white substance

I have a client that has this white substance on the north side of the home. It is a brick veneer home. We have had a few major downpours. They are concerned about mold. I am not a mold specialist and had no mold training. (geuss I should get some).

Anyway, the white substance is at the base of the wall and the ground is covered by rock which more than likely has a plastic weed barrier beneath it. I am guessing that water ponds in this area when the rain comes down real hard. I am just wondering what else it could be i.e. salt or mineral deposits or efforfecence? I do not believe thare is anything on the inside, but when I inspected this home in mid August there was none of this on the brick veneer. Anyway, look at the picture and if anyone has an idea please comment. Thank you in advance


no pic

From the description, it sounds like efflorescence

can’t seem to get the picture uploaded


I am not a mold specialist either and unfortunetly there is no picture attached to your request. But since there is supposed to be an airgap behind the veneer and the the moisture is usually released through weep holes at the lower course of bricks, and I am wondering if they are present and functioning or if they are blocked. If so you might deal with efflorescene.
You could also check the moisture at the interior walls.


I can’t seem to get the pic uploaded for some reason.

There are no weep holes in the brick veneer or at least they can’t be seen. I feel it is efflorescence. It is white and flakes off with a screw driver. Most biological growth I have seen on the outside tends to be green with a steady supply of moisture. This is not the case here.

Could be efflorence, or white mold, or Anthrax! Send me the photo.

Okay, recommend them to get proper drainage for their brick veneer walls.


Where does the foundation begin and where does the brick stop? Brick should not be below grade,it seems to me that in this case the brick continues below grade.

You can’t see the weep holes because they appear to be below grade.Weep holes are spaced every 3’ and are the 1st course!