White stuff?

Hey kids,

One of my realtors sent me this photo and want’s to know what the white stuff is on the brick exterior. I have two guesses, but want to see what you all think.


John Reim
Bee Sure Home Inspection Svcs.

Looks like a pretty serious moisture/**Efflorescence **problem to me, but I am a few hundred miles away. :smiley:

that’s what it looks like from ohio also…

How old is the brick?

I have seen this quite often on new construction before the brick is cleaned.

Looks like the kids on each floor clean the chalkboard erasers the same way I did in the third grade until I got caught.

I agree with Jeffrey

The brick in this case is newer construction. Realtor says he sees it a lot on construction less than 3 years old. My thought was effloresence as well.

Michael, you say you see this on new brick that has not been cleaned? So you think it is dirt or what?

Probably just residue from the mortar or efflorescence from water the brick absorbed and later leached out. Either way it won’t go away unless it’s cleaned and probably a sealer applied.

Should have been pat of the clean up at the end of the project.

Contact a local mason and see what he says.

We did a large church addition a few years back and had to have it cleaned to get rid of the unsightly look.

A mason would probably tell you it is calcium.
It’s even more prevailant in construction that is done in cold temps when more calcium is added to the mortar to protect from freezing during construction.
I don’t believe it is a moisture problem but asking a good mason would be your best bet.

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My guess:

I don’t see any scuppers or downspouts.
Roof drainage is getting into the space between framing and brick and for some reason, drainage is blocked at these areas, is being absorbed by the brick and is drying to the outside, leaving efflorescence.
(Cut and pasted “efflorescence” form your post, Mike. Couldn’t spell it.)