EZ Breathe

Here in ohio and surrounding areas, a company installs a system called the Ez Breathe. It is basically a ventilation system installed to exchange air from damp areas to the outside. Iv seen the system and some people claim they work some dont. their sales team swear by them ofcourse, but comes across as a ripoff.
Has anyone done any tests on this system’s functionality and what to recommend to a client buying a home with one.

This is my general assessment of what I’ve seen in two of their videos based upon my background in HVAC system design and building evaluations particularly concerning water intrusion damage.


The system does address increased ventilation which is an important requirement in building performance and indoor air quality, but for every action there is a reaction, some of which are very undesirable.

Great Article, all the answers i was looking for. Thanks for sharing.

You have a way with words David. Made a complicated issue easy to understand. Thank you.

Dave A, really nice observations on the EZ breathe system.

thanks you all