F1807 Pex fittings

Can someone read through this and provide a quick synopsis? :smiley:

I’m not sure if we should be reporting on all F1807 fittings??

Thanks in advance.


So what about fittings after 2010?? All F1807?

Zurn stopped selling F1807 Fittings in 2010. To access photos and a description of the F1807 Fittings, click here .

How do you know they’re Zurn? Is it the MBEX and QPEX ones?
Almost all of them I see are stamped F1807.


O.k., so I think I got it. If they are Q, P, or MB Pex fittings with F1807 then they’re the ones. Correct me if I’m wrong? How does everyone else report on them?

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Are these the ones you would use that narrative on in post #7??