Facebook Like

Have a facebook page? If so list it so everyone can Like

Hey Ken, there is no “Like” on your facebook page. And the top of your picture is cut off. This free software has a FB template that will let you adjust the picture for the best fit. It’s Canva.com

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Hey Frank - I have fixed my photo. Can’t figure out the “Like” though. Could it be because I am using the free version?

Free version of Facebook? I haven’t heard of that.

The top of the picture is still cut off for me. Anybody else experiencing this?

Yeah, you can sign up for Facebook and unless you opt to pay for a Business page it is free. Assume you have a business page? I can’t remember what it cost but for free I guess I can’t complain. Just like Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google Plus and You tube - all free…

If you sign up for a FB personal page, you have the option to create a business page separate(sort of) from your personal page. You don’t have a personal page? I wasn’t aware you could create a business page without it. I don’t know, that might have something to do with your lack of like.

Can you read the “Stress free blah blah blah” at the top when you look at it? I only see the bottom half of that text.

Do you pay for your facebook page? I need to go take a look again because I thought in order to have a Business page you had to pay for it…

Yes I can see it… Still can’t see it? I shrank my photo to the minimum size

No… it is free.


I just closed out and went back in - it defaulted to my old picture so this time I deleted it and then posted my new picture

Nope, maybe it’s on my end. See if anyone else says anything about it. In the meantime, try out Canva. The template is the exact size needed for FB. If it doesn’t fit in the template, then you can’t see it. On FB you’re very limited with what you can do with the picture. With Canva you can resize and move it around.

I gave you a few likes Robin. Mine is in my signature. Thanks

Ah, now I can see it all. But still no “Like”.

You don’t even have “Likes” on any of your posts. It must be a setting that you need to activate. Go through your settings to see what it might be.


I have a free business FB page that I created through my personal page which I only made to have the business page. Your profile pic is fine, the background pic looks ok but a little stretched out. I had a hard time making a background pic fit so I just left it out.

You can not get LIKES without a business page

I liked them all.