Family in need.

Would it be possible to ask Nick if instead of giving gifts and/or prizes away to have a small auction for some items. Bidding starts above the items cost and proceeds go for the support. Not high dollor items, and maybe a dozen items or so.
What does everyone think?

Steven GOD FORBID that happen. These “members” would not get something for FREE. They talk about welfare recipients, and people wanting handouts and they are no better.

Steve great idea and thanks…anything else? You seem to be smart, is there anything else we can do to raise money?

But does it not seem SHAMEFUL you have to beg people to help another in the organization?

I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say. Maybe we need Nick to lead the charge.

He did…his big heart bought each of the 6 kids a jacket and sent it to them…

I know most of you don’t have a clue who I am and maybe don’t care.
But come-on just a few bucks, its not how much you give, give what you can.
It will make for a warm and Happy Holidays for you, knowing you helped brighten a Christmas for someone that would also do for you.

Robert - I left my soap box in my last life - but I AGREE!!! For all the bleeding heart liberals on this board, it is amazing that they talk about what a great job the Messiah has done, but don’t even consider doing something themselves. I am a DEVOUT conservative and do not believe in handouts, yet I found money to help a fellow member, whom I have never met.
All of the mouthy liberals on this board have lost ALL credibility. PUT UP OR SHUT UP!!
Must have found my soap box after all :wink:

He has already gave probably more then the rest of us. Winter coat aren’t cheap. Plus shipping.

Tomorrow evening I will donate $50 through paypal after my inspection. Have a large family of my own, but I am willing to give a hand to one of our own or anyone in need.

Gerry -AWESOME…but its NOT to set you OUT…if you need the money then give $10 and its all good. TY for the donations.

Want to know the funny part. I never met this member and almost have no idea who it is. But its a fellow MEMBER in need with 6 kids! How can you NOT help this time of year? If we are there for each other on a consistent basis when needed we can move mountains…

Your a good man Greg. Better then most here from what im seeing.

Russell not putting me out if it goes to good cause. I have been blessed in many areas of my life and if I can share those blessings so be it.

WOW…awesome attitude…God Bless you and your family…I can see you’re already blessed…

I think everyone must have put us on ignore Russell.

Their just Message Board Buzzards Russ, nothing more, without a MB they would have Nothing, because most here do NOT do any Inspections, so I’m sure Money is tight, think about it…

How many message boards have you ever seen where the same 15-20 people are on it from sun-up till midnight 7 days a week, they have no life, they have Nothing, and they don’t inspect anything.

LMAO…do you know why? Its when they read the thread they hold their head in shame. They figure why help a guy they don’t know. I will tell you thats EXACTLY the meaning of CHRISTMAS in my mind. Its not to give to those who expect it, its to give those in need and don’t expect it. Its so 6 young kids who have sacrificed all year due to a down turned economy have a low expectation this Christmas, will wake up with several Christmas presents and so that the member will look at his wife and smile knowing that his fellow NACHI members have not abandoned them and make just ONE day brighter…maybe that ONE day will lead to another BRIGHT day…and when he is back on his feet, he will remember this and then do the same for another person…just a pipe dream…but a guy can dream can’t he?

Yes, I know why, because the ones who post here from sun-up-till midnight day in and day out do NOT have lives, they have NOTHING, if anything they probably wish they were the recipients of the money, because they don’t have any…the same ones who will tell you how f-ed-up your marketing is when their on Public Assistance…

But what about those who brag about 9 inspections this week? Booked all next week…best month all year…I am not asking those who are hurting to hurt more…but man a few bucks. Now with me, its not even that. I am absolutely shocked at the lack of care and general love for one another. Man, I thought this was a type of brotherhood where we helped one another…I am telling you, KARMA is a MOFO. I am telling you this family who I have no idea who they are besides a name is my personal mission to see they have a good Christmas and for ONE day they smile and everything is OK…

To be a father of 6 and to be financially strapped has to be stress that is not imaginable to me. What parent doesn’t want the best for their children? I want him and his family to know there are people out there who still care…

Well Russ what goes around comes around. So I hope your ready to be booked solid and work your *** off.:mrgreen: Your gonna wear the tires off your office.

I understand someone is in need but why all the name calling and bashing? Not to give a history lesson but I’d like to bring some of the newer members up to speed. iNACHI, Nick, and members have helped many other members here for many different reasons such as accidents, this current situation, emergencies, even death. :frowning: iNACHI may have some negatives but this is definitely one of the positives about this organization. In a matter of a few days we have an opportunity to extend an hand and hopefully give some support.

Now, you will find generally its the same people give or take doing the helping. Some situations make feel closer to home than others, thus invoking one to help. Just because I do not respond monetarily to all situations does not mean I’m a hypocrite, although you will find lots of those type people here as well. Please keep in mind some of us have already helped out other local families with certain needs such as food, clothing, or a few gifts.

Robert, you seem new around here and spent alot of time on the MB. I definitely think your heart is in the right place but your approach IMO is not the best way to go. From what I can gather the iNACHI member is Vaughn and his family that are in need correct? I’m assuming you’re in close contact with him? I have not seen Vaugh in awhile around here, is he still in the inspection business? I do not know his exact situation but I hope all is well with his family and no catastrophes are taking place. There’s no shame needed, and it’d be nice to hear from him. I don’t want this thread going negative and getting ugly, I don’t think that’s what Vaughn would want either. It’s tough enough being in any type situation where you don’t have the means to provide one’s family with some type of Christmas. Please keep the spirit of this thread positive and do not concern ourselves with hypocrites.

I hope you understand what I’m saying and please don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Keep it positive. It seems we’ve already got several hundred dollars and some coats donated :smiley:

I’d like to take you up on your offer Robert and donate $35. That is very thoughtful of you to match donations and seems like you’re a good friend. Please tell me where to donate the money to (link or email). I’ll send it asap.

Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

Well I’m getting ready for bed I said I would match what was given tonight and I believe that was $120 so I’ll match it with another $120. Thank you all so much and have a Merry Christmas.