Family in need.

I have had several people asking how they could help out the family I suggested to Nick. That he has already blessed with all new coats for his entire family. If you would like to give to this family PM me and I’ll give you his info. He is a fellow member so I don’t want to post his name or email here.
If you have been blessed this year it’s a great time to give.

Anyone who makes a donations of $100 or more to the family in need can have their choice of one the below logos customized to their needs.

WOW Russell J Hensel has just been generous enough to make a very wonderful donation of $150.00 Thats outstanding Russ what a blessing.

Nick has been generous enough to make a very wonderful donation of Six. Count them SIX BRAND NEW WINTER COATS for this family. Thats amazing just the shipping cost was more then generous. Thats Awesome St. Nick. :slight_smile:

It’s Christmas. God has blessed me more than I know. When one of our own is in need of help, then we should kick in what we can. Please fellow members, instead of helping unknown people and strangers, one of our own is in need of some help. Let’s make this a great Christmas for them. Small donations I am sure will be welcomed.

We are in this together…I will promise you one thing…what goes around comes around…

Someone wishing to remain anonymous has just been generous enough to make a very thoughtful donation of $50.00

SWEET…now thats what I am talking about! Brothers helping Brothers…6 kids of a member of this organization need to have an awesome Christmas…Nick is keeping them warm…now let the rest of us make them SMILE…

Greg Keene has just been generous enough this Holiday Season to make a very thoughtful donation of $50.00

Merry Christmas everyone! While you’re celebrating and spending time with your family, please keep this family in your thoughts. I am truly grateful for all the donations given so far; It amazes me how so many people who don’t even know this family can donate, anonymously, with the only reward the knowledge that they are helping others in need. You are a blessing in all senses of the word.

Dale Duffy has made a very generous and thoughtful donation of $100.00

Charley Bottger has made a very generous and thoughtful donation of $100.00

Charley Bottger Has made a very generous and thoughtful donation of $100.00

Over three hundred views and only 4 or 5 people have donated. This tells me people would rather read and gawk at a family in need then to actually do anything to help. And that my friends truly disgust me.

If someone can’t give even $10 $20 I understand but then they should tell Nick or someone because by all means they are a family in need there self.

If the rest of you can find it in your heart to help. or you just want to gawk at them. His email address can be seen HERE you can use that email address to send help though PayPal.

Robert - What I find most interesting is that we will have debates on the REAL meaning of Christmas, how its ALL about being Christ like and celebrating the birth of the “Saviour” of mankind. And yet as of right now 353 people have viewed this and have made a conscious decision to turn their back on a person in need. YES A CONSCIOUS decision.

These are THE SAME people who will give you the keys to get into HEAVEN and quote scriptures and be holier then thou and yet go buy a 12 pack of beer instead of doing without for a day and giving it to a person in need.

Is it not saddening there is a fellow member who is struggling with 6 kids? I know some are saying “Its not my fault, I didn’t have the kids”. But the economic times in his area are not his fault, its not like he is sitting at home doing nothing. He is trying to work but these times in his area it just isn’t happening.

Its embarrassing enough to have to ask. You must swallow your pride, for the benefit of your wife and kids. Do what you have to do, and ask for help from an organization that you would think would help each other. They turn their back on you…How sad is that? MERRY CHRISTMAS…

It saddens me that this is the way the world is at this time of year. But I truly do believe in Karma…and paybacks are a MOFO…

O yea, by the way MERRY CHRISTMAS to the 351 gawkers who made a conscious effort to turn their back on people in need…

I agree what Russ said, even if the 350+ gawkers donated $5.00 each, it adds up, but some folks are just to tight to help a man and his family in dire need.

Hopefully the gawkers won’t be in the same position some day.

Well said Russ and Dale. I tell you what I’ll will match anything anyone donates up to a total of $250 which was the fee I received for my last inspection. So if you pitch in $10 I’ll pitch in another $10. Just post here what you gave and at the end of the day before I go to bed I’ll add everything up and donate the same up to $250. Starting Now. Lets get this thing go brothers…

If I may make a suggestion, Ask some of the anchor inspectors of NACHI to help.
Get James Braun, James Bushart and Dan Bowers on board.
Its been a tough year for most, but everyone can give $10.00. One less breakfest at McDonalds, and a heck of alot to help out someone who needs our support.
NACHI members protect their own.


I already let them know. Thats where Dale joined in with his generous donation from.

LMAO…preach the bible in one hand and turn their backs on someone in need. Yet when Nick has a give away they are like maggots on rotting meat. I promise you those kids and that family will have a good Christmas…

I have no idea how people can not give a few dollars to a fellow member? It is beyond me…