Father's Day

One man’s thoughts about this contrived holiday.

This “Holiday” is what we do or do not make of it!

I grew up as the 4th out of six sons. I had the same type of “No Nonsense” Father as you did.

In my lifetime {and his} I only remember giving my Dad less than a handful of “Father Days cards”.

My Father died on my birthday {1999} and NOW I wish that I had the chance to tell him how much he meant to me.

I am eternally grateful that my father was no nonsense. He got the “bum” out of us very early.

No one ever came into our house to do anything: carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, insulation, siding [when he was 80!], painting, wallpapering, excavation, cement work and barbering. I never went to an actual barber until I was in college.

Once, before I was born, a horse got away from some stables that were at the end of our block - in North Philadelphia, believe it or not - and was essentially terrorizing the local populace. My father was the only one in the neighborhood who had ever been around farm animals. He raced out of the house, grabbed the rearing horse’s reins, gave him a cuff across the snout and calmed him down.

Forty years later, at his wake, I overheard a guy saying “Remember the time that Jay’s father calmed that runaway horse down?”

You Dad sounds like he was a terrific Man. I would have been proud to shake his hand.