FAU in a closet

No problems with this upflow unit, right? :wink:



No pan? Relying on a pump that’s going to fail?

That’s really inconsequential compared to the big problem.

Is it on an electronic air cleaner?

Yipper I see the big problem do ya want me to talk about it or are we gaming with others

Very nice return air system you have there :wink:

Filter isn’t working very well.

Cum on Joe ya are not looking I had one simular that had a green AHJ sticker of approval attached:shock:

Those doors louvered for combustion air?

Is this in a Bedroom?

Whole system must of been installed by an amateur…including filtering system, condensate, and prolly other items not in the photo.

Doors luvered for the return;-)

No drip leg on the gas? :wink:

You are starting to think but no that is not the big problem

The problem that I can not see but assume the flue pipe 80% furnace is less than 10 feet from the return:D

Charley I let you run with the BIG IAQ issue and see where it takes them.
One has been pointed out already.
Joe this is an up flow not a down flow or depending on where you are counter flow.

I was referring to combustion air…but I’ve seen the bottom filter closed off completely and a return installed at a different location with a duct to the base of air handler, but I can’t see the bottom of this unit in the photo—:smiley:

Besides the obvious the condensate pump is within the return.

Dale you are a funny Guy and I hope I meet you sometime. LOL

Charley has it. Which we have come to expect :smiley: Go ahead Charley, I’ll join in after I’ve finished my evening appointment.

I have ran into a lot of the old ones that had a local return at the bottom no luvered door just a grill in the bottom of the door with a weather strip at the top of the return to isolate combustion chambers from the return and they never seal properly the return sucks CO from the burners and the flue area. Always just a mess from the git go. The last one I had like the one in your pic also had a gas fired WH in the same closet

I did not mean to step on your toes I shouda just kept my mouth shut and seen how far it would go

This is for those that do not know!

There is no standard measurement for the effectiveness of electronic air cleaners. While they may remove small particles, they may be ineffective in removing large particles. Electronic air cleaners can produce ozone — a lung irritant. The amount of ozone produced varies among models. Electronic air cleaners may also produce ultrafine particles resulting from reaction of ozone with indoor chemicals such as those coming from household cleaning products, air fresheners, certain paints, wood flooring, or carpets. Ultrafine particles may be linked with adverse health effects in some sensitive populations.