Federal Pacific find today

Yea, no problems with these panels


That can happen to any of them…Yep!

Not limited to just an FPE.

Here come the apologists.

You are one as well!
Aren’t ya?


If you think it can’t that’s fine. Just keep telling yourself that.:shock:

I don’t friggin think it I know it.
Are you gonna sit there in your ivory tower and tell me that a burnt out breaker can’t happen to any/all of them.
I wouldn’t have to inspect my dogs house.
Where do you guys come from?

Perhaps I misunderstood your first post. I thought you were being a smart_ss like usual.:mrgreen:
So sorry about that.

I know it can happen to any of them. It was a cool find for us today.

Was power still going through to the circuit? Did you shut it off?

Good find!

No apology needed.
But, I’m still at a lost in figuring out how you extrapolate this statement as a smart a s s one…

My first post in this thread.
Enlighten me please so I can do better.

I guess it was just having read some of your past posts and how you phrase things. No big deal.

Is it a grammatical error or a lost in translation?
Don’t answer that lets deal with the OP comments…Agree?

However, I’d be willing to bet that Alu conductor loosened up over time and just burnt out that breaker.
I’ve see lightning surge do that.


I was wondering if it was a termination defect or a defective breaker. There is a possibility that it was both. We will never know for sure.


Yup it was hot. We did turn it off.

and there goes Chicken Little :mrgreen:

Looks like a loose connection to me.