Federal Pacific?

I saw a sub panel in an older home and it looks like it is a Federal Pacific Panel but I am not certain. Here is the photo. What do you think? The label is Federal Pacific.

Panel not clearly labeled.JPG

I think someone carefully took a label off of an old FP panel and put it on this new Cutler Hammer panel just to fool with you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats what I love about this group. The humor is above exceptional!! You are kidding…right?:mrgreen: :shock:

So which one is the Cutler Hammer panel Mike?


FP to me it be. Rymon Simon

Would you call it? I made note of it in the report but would you place this in the Summary?


Brian…you need to learn how to use the flash on your camera. I can’t see those panels well enough to determine. :smiley:

Yes, I would put the standard FP disclaimer in the report.

Thank you for the help and entertainment. Is this panel a rare panel? It is the first one that I remember seeing that looks like this. Well I appreciate the quick response to the post.

Paul, I assume you are aware of and have read http://www.inspect-ny.com/fpe/fpepanel.htm . That site has pretty much everything you would want to know re: FP panels. I see them, even one’s like your photo, in many 1960’s condo’s and a few homes around here in the central Texas area.

See this link … http://www.inspect-ny.com/fpe/fpeid.htm

I am aware of that site. I was pretty sure that I knew what I needed to do but I like the idea that I learn something new with every post. Now I know about this particular panel in this home. I have seen many of the more recent Federal Pacific panels that are very easy to identify. This one made me want to be 100% sure before completing the report. Better safe than sorry. Your help is very appreciated. Thanks again.


It’s only a problem if it is a Stab-Loc panel.