Federal U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approves InterNACHI's Lead course.

EPA approves InterNACHI’s Lead Safety RRP course

**For **Home Inspectors:
Handout for the Homebuyer:

Renovation Inspection Course for Home Inspectors: www.nachi.tv/environmental/lead-safety-renovation-inspection

For Contractors**:
RRP Lead Safety Course to Become a Lead-Safe Certified.

This is such a great value added benefit to iNachi membership.

Last Spring I spent $700 for RRP certification, and assessment training courses plus another $300 to register my firm with the EPA.

Thanks Nick!

from Hans H. Vorhauer hh.vorhauer@rcn.com
to ben@internachi.org
date Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 8:26 PM
subject Certification for RRP course in Philadelphia area

Ben, I recently took the “Lead Safety for Renovation, Repair and Painting” course and completed the online portion. I contacted several of the accredited training providers in my area for the two hour hands-on-training which the InterNACHI course does not provide. I never got final followups from two companies, but I did find one that provided the hands-on-training for the cost of $75.00.

I am writing because you might want to pass on this information to other inspectors in the Philadelphia, PA area who are taking the Lead Safety course.

The company is: CCG Academy
1341 N. Delaware Ave, Ste 501
Philadelphia, PA 19125

I arrived for the final two hours of an all-day training program. The instructor was Rob Beeman, who was very knowledgeable and informative. There was a buffet with a variety of beverages, and foods and fruits. For the hands-on there was a mockup of a doorway with hall, a window and vent. We put up barrier tape; made a double thickness entryway, taped around the window, taped the vent, put on the hazardsuit, mask, and other gear, and finally wrapping everything up in trash bags for disposal. This was followed by a recap of the text training with emphasis on the type of things we could expect on the final test. That was a 25 question quiz, with a simple pass-fail. We then received a certificate with an ID photo on it and a looseleaf notebook containing the EPA, HUD, and RRP training materials.

Training classes seem to occur about every one or two weeks.

I hope this will help other inspectors in the Phiadelphia area.

Best Regards,

Hans Vorhauer

Sherwin Williams Paint Co. did them for $50 (probably stopped since the EPA waived this requirement just like they did in the 80’s. Every federal agency should have at least one adult in the room