EPA losing money on RRP lead-based paint program

This article](http://rm-media.com/portal/wts/ccmcjx2dBb0aeeySe6iseR3LkiB--th) online commenting on a report from the EPA office of OIG. The report estimates that by 2014 the total loss to this agency will amount to $16.4 million dollars. One of the reasons apparently due to a shortfall of firms getting certified (and of course paying a fee).

That’s probably one days’ operating cost for the EPA, not including salaries.

The EPA recently contracted with us to produce a series of video commercials that encourage contractors to take the training.

My wife recently started an environmental testing coompany. Her background is architectural drafting and design. She understands building science, and wanted to start something new.

She is going through her certification processes. She thought about performing lead testing.

The NY State DOL defers to the EPA regarding licensure oof those who test.

The requirements are absolutely absurd. The cost of training and licensure is opressive.

It is really no wonder that more do not perform testing. Cost of training and certification for construction contractors is not bad I hear.

Contractors (including inspectors) can take InterNACHI’s online course (http://www.nachi.org/lead-safety-rrp-course.htm), which is approved by the EPA (http://www.nachi.org/epa-rpp.htm), to fulfill six hours of the 8-hour training requirement.

After completing the 6-hour online portion through InterNACHI, a student can find a local trainer (http://cfpub.epa.gov/flpp/searchrrp_training.htm) to provide the required 2-hours “hands-on” portion, and finalize their certification.

Gee whiz surprise surprise when did any Gov Org ever operate at a profit including our US postal service. They are all designed to fail at tax payer expense.

Its a 40 hour course here, costs about $1500, and the state wants their $200 for the license after that.