Feds Ask InterNACHI to Evaluate U-Haul University for Accreditation

ACCET, a national accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, has asked InterNACHI to visit U-Haul University in Phoenix, Arizona, in Feburary, 2020, as part of an expert team of evaluators who will determine whether or not U-Haul University has met the national standards to which accredited educational institutions must operate.

In December 2018, InterNACHI School became the only home inspector college accredited by the U.S. Department of Education. InterNACHI now has the honor and responsibility to help the federal government evaluate other accredited organizations and institutions.

Learn how to tell the difference between a certification mill and an accredited institution.

Learn 5 Tips in Choosing the Best Home Inspection Training Program.


Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile.


Wow! That is an awesome honor & says alot about InterNachi!! I love this organization!! Its literally second to None!! :muscle:t5::muscle:t5::muscle:t5:


You’re correct, Charles.

InterNACHI is now helping to evaluate schools that want to operate and market themselves as accredited institutions, colleges, or universities. We have a short article to remind schools who use the word “college” or “university.”

That’s awesome Ben!

I’m really glad to be apart of the InterNachi .

I’ve had training from multiple schools & organizations and I can say with Sincerity, None have compared to the InterNachi!

I greatly appreciate the training, Quality of education, opportunities, support systems you guys provide!!