Feed to subpanel

Double tap on lugs using these connectors. OK or not?


More information and bigger photo needed. Doesn’t look like that would be approved.

Here’s a larger photo. They used some type of connector that is attached to the lugs with the feed from the meter behind them and the wires to the subpanel are attached to the connectors.

I doubt those are listed for that use. The bigger question is where those tapped lines go?

They go to the subpanel in the basement.

That’s a violation right there. That feed should be off of a double pole breaker.

edit: Unless there is a service disconnect before that tap that is sized for both feeds to the sub panels.

There is a service disconnect in a panel by the meter (before the double connection. I’ve just never seen a subpanel feed done that way (always off a breaker as you said). I know if the wiring was double tapped that would be a violation but was questioning the use of those connectors. Thanks for helping me.

Needs to be evaluated further.

Although it is very clever to slip those smaller terminals under the main it’s nevertheless a violation. Looks like two of these:


Definitely needs to be checked by a qualified electrician, note the top rh breaker seems to have a shared neutral of off the same phase and more than one wire on a neutral lug. Enough to call it out on GP.

Looks to me like the black conductor (first conductor top right) is smaller than the red (second conductor top right). That’s a 4 pole breaker with the two inner poles being 30 amps and the two outer poles being 20 amps which means that it’s OK.

You got me on that one, I missed the tie strap in the middle and the 20-30-30-20