Would like to get some feedback from everyone on my logo, thanks in advance!:slight_smile:

You misspelled copyright.

It isn’t a copywrite, even though you wrote it. It’s a copyright as in an exclusive legal right.

You are 100% right,MY WIFE misspelled it!!Lol ,I will have it corrected asap…she just wanted to put some kind of a watermark or something to protect HER work.

Besides that Nick,what do you think??

I’d also say that it doesn’t meet the threshold of originality required to qualify for copyright protection. So I don’t think she can “protect her work” by filing a copyright app.

Not asking for feedback on the “COPYRIGHT” portion of the logo ,as it wont be on my marketing materials Nick. I asked, what do YOU think of the logo itself?? I myself, am not concerned with that aspect of the logo itself. If I thought you, or anyone was going to critique the fine print of a tiny “copyright” label then I would not have put it on there OR had her spell it correctly before posting.

It depends. Is “Before You Buy Home Inspections” already the name of your company? Are you incorporated? Or are you still in the “thinking about a name” stage?

It IS the name of my company. I AM already registered.Sole proprietor. Past the “thinking about a name” stage. Its a simple question,Do you LIKE it? Do you HATE it? Its SO SO? I value your opinion, and I know that EVERY logo that the interNACHI design team creates and posts, your immediate response within minutes of posting is, NICE, or VERY NICE. I prefer not to use your design team as none of their logos “catch my eye” and they ALL look similar as far as color schemes,layout etc. That being said,I want FEEDBACK ON THE LOGO,NOT the “copyRIGHT” label.

What is the little circle tangent to the “O” in BEFORE about?

Its supposed to resemble a monocle.

It’s disconnected. I’m not a designer, but I know your logo is disconnected.

Here is an example of a cohesive logo (created by InterNACHI staffer Levi Nelson). If you snoop around on it (you have to look carefully) you’ll find what I’m talking about. His design doesn’t feel like separate pieces next to each other. His logos are cohesive. Yours is not.


Nick, my wife IS a designer with a BS in GRAPHIC design, she was the ART DIRECTOR of the Denver Daily News as well as other print publications,and is currently back in school for web design. Say what you will,I know that your biased opinion is based on the fact that YOUR design team works for YOU however, I personally am NOT impressed with their logos with the exception of a handful, out of the hundreds that I viewed. So I guess you cant give an unbiased opinion on someone else’s design so I wont even consider your opinion, as far as my logo ,due to lack of one.

I agree with Nick.
The monocle was thought of as a poorly drawn Magnifying glass by me and many people would have no idea that was a monocle if they even know what one is now in days.
The magnifying glass is standard for the industry much like a barbers pole even if it is common and is what people expect.(perception)

What is with the faded whitish circles?

You came here asking for critique so do not be defensive.

By the way the guy above me drew people from all over the world at $99 a pop to hear his opinion and simply because he says nice after each submission is his way of drawing attention to the project.
We would be shocked if he said “Looks like cr-p.”

Bear in mind the NACHI graphics guy is doing a huge number of them and they can be made better by adding color here and there .
I look at them as basic starts that can be finished much like a coloring book.
The all same faded color is what makes them drab.
Designs are fine and Levi does a nice job on the text/graphic alignment.

It is difficult for me (I’m not a designer) to explain cohesiveness. I just know it when I see it, and I know when I don’t. Just like when I see “copyright” being misspelled. It’s that noticeable to me… and just as wrong.

Your logo looks like separate pieces placed next to each other and they are disconnected. In contrast, Levi’s design is very cohesive and feels like one thing (He accomplished this by tying the word “coastal” to the beach above it and the waves below it with perfect spacing).

Maybe if you looked at them together you will see what I mean. Here they both are again:



When I first looked at the design the monocle concept threw me as well I was not sure what it was supposed to be.
Now that it has been explained I can see it.

I think the washed out circles around the monocle are creating a bullseye. If this was the purpose then the monocle makes even less sense.

you can maybe accomplish the same by making the O shape a window or scope by placing crosshairs in it.

Bob,John, the whiteish circle in the backround is not part of the design, it is just a watermark we put in there just so I could post it up on the MB,its the “R” symbol for "registered"trademark. That,like the “COPYRIGHT” will not be on my website or marketing materials.I was thinking about maybe connecting a chain to the monocle to distinguish it as such?? Yes I did come here for critique, a simple “yes I like it” or “no,it sucks” will suffice,maybe I should have mentioned the watermark in the backround,and I know copyRIGHT was misspelled,my fault. Nick, I will just consider that you dont like it ,and leave it at that,not to discredit any of Levi’s work either,but I agree with bob,the colors look faded and worn out,I need something that “pops”. I am not looking for a bunch of “yes” men, just a simple “two thumbs up” or ,“two thumbs down” ,thats all. Thanks to all of you in advance, and to all that have replied…

Two thumbs down.

Less than an hour later -

That was a quick 180. Some people just can’t handle the truth. :stuck_out_tongue:

I already figured that NICK LOL. WAS THAT SO DIFFICULT?? Kevin, why didnt you highlight it completely??
“I wont even consider your opinion,AS FAR AS MY LOGO DUE TO LACK OF ONE