Feeders for fuse box off service entrance

Is it ok to feed a fuse box from the main by tapping conductors on lugs after main breaker? It feeds the you’re fuse box for AC and that feeds the lower fuse box for well pump.

Nope. Terminals are rated for a single conductor. Pretty good arc scorch mark on there. Must have been exciting for someone.

That arc burn, ouch. That is improper and those panels are not bonded even though it is a metal connection. A concentric knockout with a metal fitting needs a bonding bushing to properly tie the metal enclosure to the grounding system.

Bonding bushings aren’t required downstream of service on 240v systems.

That’s correct. The requirement for bonding bushings around concentric and eccentric KO’s begins when the voltage to ground is above 250 volts.

250.97 Bonding for Over 250 Volts. For circuits of over
250 volts to ground, the electrical continuity of metal raceways
and cables with metal sheaths that contain any conductor other
than service conductors shall be ensured by one or more of the
methods specified for services in 250.92(B), except for (B)(1).

Single conductor rated terminals. It looks like there are no larger than #8 conductors delivering 100 amps to the sub panel. Where are the black and white wires in the upper left sub panel going that appear to be powered through the 30a fuses?

While there are issues with this setup, the #8 is only going to supply what the loads call for. They have downstream overcurrent protection provided by the fuses.

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The black and white are going to the exterior AC compressor. It’s Max fuse is 20amp, so I noted that in report as well.

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