feeding a hot tub!!

it is ok to feed a hot tub break direct from the main feed??
i think this is not right! like double tapping.

please help
see picture

Really? You have more than that…

Fell free to name it!!
I am pretty sure that will be helpful to anyone that it is willing to learn or at least confirm their thoughts. :wink:

The double tap at main breaker is wrong, no matter what it’s feeding. Unless the lugs are rated for more than one conductor, they don’t appear to be from here.

Thank you!!!

Complete hack work, especially when you consider that there are spare slots in the bottom of the panel. :roll:

I wouldn’t go near the hot tub the way this is wired.

What is providing the overcurrent protection for that tub?
This is more than double-tapping…
Especially if this is a service panel and not a sub (did not look closely to tell seeing as it’s wrong anyway)…
If this is a service panel, the hot tub’s overcurrent protection is whatever the current is high enough either to melt the feeder wires or to trip the service transformer’s OCP.

Actually these illegal double taps are feeding the GFCI circuit breaker to the left of the panel. Also these are on the line side of the main meaning that the double tap conductors have no protection.