Fernco type fittings

I can usually find the info I need but no luck so far. I am in Texas and for the first time ran across DWV repairs in a pre-pour inspection using flexible rubber fittings. I personally don’t like them period (they are a lazy mans repair in my eyes) but are the allowed under or inside a foundation slab per plumbing code?


And yes all other wrong things have been noted!

Yes, as long as designed and approved to meet these standards:

Texas IRC 2015
P3003.9.1 Mechanical Joints

Mechanical joints on drainage pipe shall be made with an elastomeric seal conforming to ASTM C 1173, ASTM D 3212 or CSA B602. Mechanical joints shall not be installed in above-ground systems, unless otherwise approved . Joints shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Looks like a no hub cast iron pipe coupling used on PVC. They are legal to be in the ground as far as I know. Used those on a school job in the late 70’s with cast iron, but I believe there is nothing wrong with it.

Shouldn’t it be properly buried?

That is what I understand, too.

No hub coupling‘s they are cool to be used underground. The color of the coupling will designate the duty of the fitting. Looks fine to me as long as all of the clamps have been torqued properly.

Martin, is that a new thing about the color? There was no color when they first came out.

This is a pre-pour foundation inspection, not finished yet. My concern is it being in the foundation, how can they not fail over time? Why be lazy and not repair with proper pipe and glued couplings, or replace the pipe with no repair joints?

Hey Marcel the color no hub band has been around for 13 years or more. I started no hub install 13 years ago and it was around back then. Before that I did lead and oakum so the no hub bands were new to me.

Last time I saw lead and oakum on any job I was on was in 1974. Building’s been demolished now. Then it went to no-hub cast in 77. But when I built my first house in 73, it was all PVC. What do the colors mean today?

The color code could be anything from medium duty, heavy duty, corrosion resistance, PVC.

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Thanks for sharing this info !