FHA home inspector

I had a potential customer ask if I am “an approved FHA inspector”. They are buying a house with FHA financing, I have never had anyone ask this, and in my area, there are only 2 “FHA Home inspectors” according to the FHA website.

So my question is, do I have to be an “approved FHA inspector” and be placed on the “inspector roster” to inspect a home that is getting FHA financing?

Any help would be appreciated.

Short answer is not really.

It depends on what they are needing (they need to ask the lender.) If they are just needing a home inspection, then anyone can do that. If they are needing specific HUD/FHA forms then you need to be approved to do those. Typically that is done by the “FHA appraiser” and not the home inspector. Ask some more questions. Bottom line, if they don’t need a specific form then you are good to go. If they need a specific form then ask if it is an FHA appraisal they are needing (usually the mortgage company orders that though).

If its a home inspection only then no…you should search for some of my post and you will find some good info on this topic…

The appraiser supplies the “FHA compliance inspection.”

Thanks for everyone’s help.

What about filling out a FHA/HUD WDO form?

That depends on your states WDO licensing requirements. In my state you have to be licensed to inspect for WDO. Therefore you would be in violation of state laws if you did that without the state license.

Thanks Mark.