FHA inspections

I’ve been asked to do an FHA foundation inspection on a manufactured home. I’m assuming this is just a particular form the FHA wants filled out. Anyone know where I can find it??


Follow the link http://www.hud.gov/offices/hsg/sfh/ref/sfhp1-9b.cfm

??? FHA inspection info on a HUD homes website? where? are you sure? I can’t find anything…

Thanks anyway




Scott, I believe the form you are talking about has to be signed by an Engineer or Architect.



Try this site.


Make sure a Structural Engineer isn’t required. I just had to pass on one here in California as a result of same.

A licensed structural/civil engineer is required to complete a HUD/FHA Permanent Foundation inspection on a Mobile/Manufactured home.

correct. I had to pass on one also.

I know this is a very old posting
But I am old

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I think Engineer too

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you use inspectors as field reps and can provide the engineer stamped certificate? whats the cost?

I know this an old posting but 2015 update

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Old post, BUT … HUD says engineer required but many areas either don’t have a qualified engineer for these OR the engineer does not want to do them

As a 203k consultant / inspector HUD has had me do them before AND Harrison Engineering in Ft Worth does them and hires qualified inspectors to do the field work, measuring, pics, etc. Good guys to work with.