mobile homes inspection

Does anyone have any resources that cover inspections specific to mobile homes?

Try this George:

Also, do a Search on the board for ‘mobile homes’ & 'manufactured homes". There are several previous threads with a lot of good information.

Gerry Beaumont

Pat Maietta

Thanks for the help-
Mike B.- do you know if there are any Texas accredited CE regarding mobile home inspections?

No, I’m not aware of any. I get a lot of the state mandated CE’s at and . You might try looking there.

Thanks Pat,

George feel free to call me at the number below if I can be of any assistance, my own MH course is not yet approoved for TX, but I’d be happy to discuss MH issues with you.



Hey Larry, That pic on the website was really funny, someone built a home over top of their original mobile home! I guess they still lived there while the construction was going on.

I just had a phone call from local bank asking if i can do structual foundation inspections for mobile homes.I of course said…YOU BET! Now I am checking here to see if I really should take it.It would be for FHA loans and I wasnt sure if that requires special certifacation.I sapose I should check with our state and county for mobile home foundation specs.Any idea’s you have are greatly appreciated.

I do not know what the law in Mo is but in Florida you have to be an Engineer to sign off a Manufactured Home foundation inspection. You need to know what the specific criteria is, guidelines and if there are specific forms needed.
Hope this helps.


Good point. I also always disclaim the tie downs (as needing and engineer) as the codes have changed so many times over the years.

Bank called back and said ,that VP said ,I must be licensed engineer. Is it the same way with new construction loan stage inspection’s?My husband is a contstruction foreman and said our county has no codes or inspectors.He said the banks send inspectors who are in suits and ties who take a few pictures ,sometimes from thier car,then leave.If building inside city limits city has inspectors who must approve at everystage.I will check with our state.
thanks for the info