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Does my InterNACHI Certification allow me to do inspections for FHA & VA Loans? I have been having realtors asking me if I can do home inspections for FHA & VA applicants. These would be regular home inspections that would fall under my InterNACHI Certification. Do I need to apply elsewhere to get this certification/approval?

No unless you are talking about a regular home inspection.

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You do not need any other certification to do FHA/VA home inspections…As a matter of fact you only have to be certified or compentent within the realms of the HUD letter that was put out several years ago to allow inspections to be done by a Home Inspector. Fee Panel inspectors doing 203ks are a different story in which you have to be approved by FHA/VA to do these.

203k’s are not really an inspection, they are an appraisel

I believe the 203k program requires a contractor to determine and estimate the amount of repairs needed on the dwelling. Those repairs and their cost are then built into the purchase loan on an FHA property.

Not true. see my other post that explain this.

You only need a special certification if you are doing 203K’s, you are fine if you are doing a home inspection. For 203K’s read: http://www.nachi.org/203k-consultant.htm