FHA, HUD, VA certified?

I was wondering how many of you were FHA, HUD or VA certified? I had a question from a real estare agent the other day about this and I was unable to answer his question. Is there such a thing as being certified from these outfits and if there is how does one go about getting certified?

Thanks for the help guys. I tried to do a search, but it wouldn’t work, sorry.:oops:

Mortgagee letter 88-5 provides that Qualified home inspectors are allowed to do a Home Inspection and reads as follows:

WASHINGTON, D. C. 20410-8000

February 29, 1988
Mortgagee Letter 88-5
SUBJECT: Single Family Development - Certifications of Mechanical
Equipment, Roofing or Structural Components by Qualified
Home Inspectors (Existing Properties)

As a specific condition on Form HUD-92800.5B, for existing
properties, HUD or a Direct Endorsement (DE) Underwriter can require
an inspection and certification of the heating, plumbing, electrical
roofing or structural components of a dwelling by a reputable,
independent licensed contractor or engineer, as set forth in
paragraph 3-32 of HUD Handbook 4150.1.

The purpose of this memorandum is to expand those instructions
to permit qualified home inspectors to perform these inspections.

You are reminded that these inspections and certifications do
not imply any warranty by HUD of the inspections performed and do not
relieve the requirement for an inspection of the other items listed
as specific conditions on Form-92800.5B by a HUD fee appraiser or
inspector (or DE staff appraiser or inspector).

Please ensure that this procedure is used on only existing
properties. Inspections on proposed construction properties must be
accomplished by members of your fee inspector panel.

If you have any questions, please contact the Housing
Development Branch in the local HUD Field Office for your

OR there are FHA Compliance Inspectors, 203(k) Inspectors, Fee Inspectors, etc

So, how does one become FHA compliant? Thanks again for the help guys!

Find out what type of program you want to get on board with, then check with the regional HUD center, etc in your area to see what requirements they have and if they’re interested.

For example in my area, to be a Fee Inspector there needs to be a vacancy - theres not. To be a 203k consultant you need 5 years or more of architectural, home building, engineering or similar experience.

On a few occasions I have been asked to fill our HUD Form 52580 no problems encountered.

That letter from 1988 has been replaced, it is no longer valid. Go to the following site and you will find everything you need. You want to click on the Application for FHA inspector Roster. http://www.hud.gov/offices/hsg/sfh/insp/inspectr.cfm

Fill the form out and send it in. Yes, they do have some qualifications that you will need to meet.

That is interesting as it was recently sent to me by someone who is suppose to know what they are talking about. Shoots that theory. I will remove it so as not to confuse anyone asking for the same information. Thanks for the update and the link.

That letter is still very much valid. It was meant to address the need of buyers purchasing an existing home. Hud, FHA and VA do have requirements for the inspections and Inspectors of any home proposed for construction, currently under construction, under major additions/renovations and being modified for the disabled.

For any existing home that does not fall into the special criteria above the lenders are not required to have mandatory inspections. As a result if the purchasers of these homes want an inspection they can use any competent Home Inspector. As a matter of fact if you visit the FHA and VA sites they defer these common inspections to HUD guidelines. If you read the HUD guidelines and buyer guides they highly encourage buyers of existing homes to have an inspection performed by a competent, third party Inspector.