Fiberboard on interior walls?

I Inspected a brick house built in the 50’s with this fiberboard like wall sheathing on the interior walls. I seen no significant foundation problems on the exterior. I’m not sure how to report the wall defects and if there’s movement associated with what I’m seeing since this isn’t your typical drywall material. Also, I couldn’t determine if all walls were made of the same material or not.

Any thoughts ?

I have seen a material that may be the same some years ago in PA & NJ. It seems that this was one of the many cost saving materials that came along during the post war years to be cheaper than plaster and before drywall took over the market. Most of the time to finish it a paint is used textured or its wallpapered.
From memory… it was like very light particle board and not as dense and more like layers of shredded paper.

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