Asbestos, fiberglass or something else?!?!

During renovations, I found a grey like board installed on the walls of my home. The house was built during the age of tube and wire ( long been disconnected of course ). Interior walls made of wood paneling. Years of paint and wallpaper, than this fiber like greyish board installed which has me worried… again that was covered up with more wallpaper and paint, than drywall. Hidden between layers of the past so it was not spotted during home inspection. Hope this helps any? I have a photos and will try to post. Thank you. :shock:

Take a sample and send it to a lab , this is the only way to confirm it

I recommend testing but I think it’s insulation.

Thank you for the quick replies. Testing will take a week here and $150 per sample. I am going to do that. I have never seen anything like this before and thought, why would someone install this at some point? The thickness is just less than 1/4". It would be great if there was a label somewhere however with it being wallpaper and painted over top… not so possible.

Even if anyone has seen this before or anything like it? I too thought it was some sort of insulation board. It is installed all around the room ( inside and outside walls ). Everything was covered up at one point with Western Gypsum Products Limited - Made In Canada. <- Anyone recognize the brand? Sort of a second question if it contains asbestos too, but doesn’t seem likely from online search.

Again, Thank you

I just had 6 asbestos samples tested by PLM microscopy for $220 by EMSL Analytical with a 24 hour turnaround time.
What testing method are they using for $150 per sample with a 1 week turnaround?

It is likely has asbestos , they used to have rolls how old is the the home? 30’s or 50’s

It could be a Celotex type interior wallboard. Similar to what they used for acoustic tiles. Some of those products had Asbestos for fore resistance.

He’s probably quoting a service price and not actual cost from the lab. My competition here charges between $400-$600 for ONE asbestos bulk sample…Safe to say I have lots of wiggle room for my pricing LOL!

EMSL here in canada raised the cost of Asbestos PLM sampling recently though, they’re now at almost $50 for one PLM.

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