Fieldstone Foundation

Hi, Everyone
I am a first time home buyer and have a potential foundation problem which i have been unable to find a picture or similar description off after many hours of internet research. First off the house was built in the 30’s- 50’s not sure exact date and is a single level deatached about 800 sq ft with a full basement. The foundation is fieldstone composed of flat slabs of granite and is well mortared and in very good condition ( no apparent waterleaks or moisture after snow melt and major rain storms. Realtor advised that she has never seem a fieldstone in such great condition). My location is just east of Toronto, Ontario. Also there are about 6 or seven lally columns throughout the basement. I have a home inspector coming in tomorrow but i would like to get several opinions on what this could be and how serious it is.

On the wall facing the front of the house a section of the foundation wall appears to be missing from the basement roof down about 2 feet vertical and about 3-4 feet in length horizontal. The wall under the missing section seems to be smooth and level as if by design, and no obvious modifications or repairs that i can tell. The foundation in that area does not buldge or lean either so i’m perplexed as to why it’s like this. In the area where i believe the foundation should be there is a gap or recessed area about 2-3 feet deep that tapers from 2 feet at it’s widest down to nothing as it heads further from foundation of the house towards the front door stone patio. This void has stones and soil inside and is not moist even after rain . It is very hard for me to describe so i hope i have provided a good verbal description of what i am seeing. Hoping it is something minor and i can just fill the gap with gravel and sand and build the wall over the hole. Thanks for your help.

This linked picture is the closest i could find to describe what i am seeing behind the area of potential missing foundation.

Listen to your inspector tommorrow.
Why don’t you have pics of your own situation if you want advice from here?

Have inspected well over 300 like this most are in great shape some over 150 years old.
I expect your inspector will be able to tell you how good or bad it is .

I truly wish i had pictures. I live out of town and have only been able to see the house during lunch breaks from work due to my work hours and the house being occupied. I only noticed the issue during my second inspection of the house and did not have a camera with me.

Coal chute, no longer needed.

In such cases the advice of construction contractor can also be useful for permanent solution. Do try to contact someone with experience in construction and see what comments are obtained to solve this issue.

The biggest issue I often see is rotted wood and infestations.
Bear in mind there is most likely lots of moisture though you may not have seen it visually.
Like said above just wait for the inspection and listen to what he says.
If he is a NACHI certified guy give him permission to upload that part of the report to us so we may all learn from your experience.

Bigger problem is the Original Poster never followed up with the resultant information from his report and.or photos taken and/or obtained from Inspector on follow up inspections