What is name of this decorative stone section.

This stone exterior wall seems to have a separate foundation wall that has settled and caused lots of movement beside the usual lack of flashing.

Welcome any thoughts from the pictures however what term do I use to describe this wall section?
Amazingly I did not get any moisture readings at the interior wall though it has been pretty dry lately.


Bob, you first statement along with the good pics are more than enough to call for repair/rebuilding by a qualified contractor.

It needs a lot of help.

I agree Mike ,but what is the proper term for that stone block section?
Also any ideas what they did wrong for it to sink as it did not to mention why is it not part of the regular foundation ?

Stone wall facade?

Facade, veneer etc… No need to be too technical as long as you are sure it is not structural.

Looking at the window wall it could be structural as there is no place for a decent header.

Was there basement below it?

Bob, that stone veneer is sitting on a separately poured footing that is not part of the main structure foundation.
Did you dig along side it to see how deep it was?

Can’t be very deep from the inclination visible in the picture.

Needs to be fully evaluated by a Mason and foundation contractor to repair. :slight_smile:

Yes large but but finished with the only view inside the chimney foundation which was nice/clean/and no water or cracking.Had one of those small plastic hatches we see all the time that you need a coin to open.
You can see the chimney around the corner in the step back shot.

Yes he called a Mason buddy to come out and he is a construction Lawyer.
Never saw this type issue before however and no I did not start digging at it as most foundations are expected to go 4 feet down .

Still wondering why it is a separate foundation however .

Obvious to me that it was an after the fact project due to the stone support or combination of stone and window asthetics feature, but god knows how they provided the foundation base support for it.
Does not go down very deep and definitly not 4’ from that angle of settlement. :slight_smile:

I think facade is more just pure decorative.Like terra cotta

More of a window dressing veneer here I believe. With improper foundation support. :wink:

Isn’t it just decorative?

Decorative may have been a poor word choice in my title since it has its own foundation and effects shape of the interior wall.

Is it real stone, or manufactured?

Its a stucco wall. Manufactured stone is supposed to follow the codes for stucco since it is in fact a masonry product stuck to a wall that allows water to penetrate.

So this looks like manufactured stone to you Bruce.
What gives it away?

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]This looks to me also like an upgrade to the front of the home and that the builder failed to properly prepare the soil before the concrete foundation was poured, causing it to fail.

Looks to me like water got behind manufactured stone and it fell apart in the freeze-thaw cycles. Basic sh!tty work.

That is what I suggested to my client.

That also as there was a moisture barrier at the bottom but lack of kick outs off the roof.

Dale how did you determine this to be manufactured stone ?

For viewing pleasure here is a shot of the window framing demonstrating the drop at the caulking where the had used a backer rod(foam).
Look at the lower corner and you can see the moisture barrier sticking out.