Figure out servicing Total amperage

Hi, I started inspection business in NJ.
I inspected a one bedroom condo house unit yesterday.
There was a electrical panel without main cut-off switches.
So, I couldn’t figure out the supplied amperage of the house unit and even that was main or subpanel.
The total counting of branch breaker was 365, include one 30 amp double tab and 25 double tab.
Anybody give me an idea would be appreciated .

I would start here:

I’m constantly reading/learning about electrical because it’s the one that gives me the most trouble to grasp.
Questions for you:

  1. what type of panel has grounds and “neutrals” separated?
  2. did you measure what gauge wire there was for the “hot” wires?
  3. if main panels (service panels) has the disconnect, that would make this panel a…?

One thing these gurus (still) best into my head is using the correct terminology cause that helps explain things better.

Good luck to you!

Thank you.
I read them and memorized a while ago, but those for the test.
I will try again!

The service disconnect is most likely outside by the electric meter.

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Do you mean main panels for condos or subpanels for usual.
and I am not familiar with the size of service wires on photo.

Read this here and take electrical courses.

Most apartments, condos, and buildings like such have a central area where all the meters and all the disconnects for the unit panels are located. This is legal to do. The panels in the units are usually main lug panels, whereas no main breaker is present. The means of disconnect for the service equipment (ie panel) is then located by the meter for each individual unit. Go to this central location and find the meter corresponding to the unit you are in. Located near or under the meter, will be the main breaker or fuse for the unit’s electrical panel. The breaker or fuse will have a ampacity marked on it. This will tell you what the ampacity of the service and panel is but again you should check wire size. If you are unsure about doing this or feel it is not within your scope of work as a HI, recommend that a qualified electrician inspects the p

I agree with Larry, the service disconnect (if there is one) for this panel will be adjacent to the meter. Looks like 100 amp from the photo.

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I agree with Rob in that it appears to be a 100 mp from the photo.

AND, MORE IMPORTANTLY, take the course that Marcel posted, JIIN. These are very basic questions and we all could use some education from time to time. :smile:

It is most likely a 125 amp as that is the standard for newer condos and that looks like it is within the last 20 or so.
Seems like you may want to get some more experience before making judgements on this stuff?