Trouble understanding this panel

Hi All -

I am having some trouble understanding this panel - From what I am reading on the panel - it appears that it breaks off the panel into subsections without a main cutoff. I also don’t understand where to get the total amperage from. Could someone help explain this setup to me as i’m sure I will see it many more times.


Find the meter and look for the Mains disconnect.


That is a split bus panel. What size were the service conductors?

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It’s wired as a main, why would you expect a main disconnect outside?


Point out the Mains disconnect

The upper 6 (3x3) 240V double-pole CBs are the main disconnects.

Eel well well. I see the tiny label in the middle now LOL

Great question - I haven’t perfected the art of eyeballing wire sizes yet, should probably go ahead and get myself a cheat sheet so I can answer that question next time. With what I have, I imagine with will be tough to determine amperage but the cutoffs are okay since there are six throws, right?

You have a 200amp panel, if the SECs are 2/0 CU or 4/0 AL, you’ve got 200amp service. Search split-bus panel in the forum’s main page and check out the many threads :slight_smile:


Brian, when you have a panel board, typically, the amperage is the lesser of these 3 things:

1- The size of the SEC (service entrance conductors).
2- The amperage size of the panel board capacity.
3- The size of the main breaker.

Since you don’t have a main breaker you look for the lesser of the other two amperage rating capacities and use that… :smile:

But NEVER guess or it could possibly cost you an upgrade.


That’s good to know as I was always going off the main breaker, will change my procedure for the next one! Thanks!

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Evening, Brian. Hope this post finds you well.
Please, describe the unit and where that panel is situated.
Example: Condominium. Distribution panel located in the bedroom.
GE Load Center.
200 amp 240 volt.
Sub / Remote panel.
Disconnect upstream. Could not locate. Typically/usually service equipment main disconnect located on or next to the meter box/equipment.

Thanks Robert, hope all is well with you too.

That is the main distribution panel is a single family home, it is located in the kitchen and is closest to the exterior wall with the meter. Only other sub panel I found was at the package HVAC unit. The meter box had no accessible panel with a main cut off at/near it.

Wait a minute ! There is some strange crap going in here… What is this all about…?
What was that 60 servicing?
And that is only one…

Forgive me if this is this really stupid but is it possible that that 60 amp is where the panel is split and it’s the ‘main’ breaker for everything under it and the wires you pointed out are carrying to them? It appears on the panel specs that it is done that way.

The two 30s above it are dryer and water heater, the 50 in the top left is the range/oven and the 30 a couple below that is the heat. There is a 70 amp breaker on there as well that has me stumped.

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The lower curcuits of a split phase panel, I believe, Roy.

Yes. That’s exactly what it is. The 60 amp breaker will shut off all the lights and plugs circuits.

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Why do you think there is a schematic diagram included with the panel, well did you look :smiley:

You mean this one ???

Hmmmm :thinking: