Filing for LLC in Texas

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I just passed my licensing tests and need to file for LLC in Texas. Are there sample documents I can change and file? Should I just use a company? Do I need my EIN first.
I know its simple but I’ve not done anything like this before.

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Larry Moore

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In Florida, you file for the LLC and then get your EIN. We have a state run website where you can file. Our CPA wanted $300 to do it, did it online for $150. I’d have to think Texas has a similar setup. (wasn’t for an inspection business)

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Thanks, Leif.
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You can apply for an LLC online with the Texas Secretary of State. Start here

  • Research business names to see if yours is available.

  • You will need a registered agent with a physical address. (Can be you or a company you pay for this service)

  • Decided how the LLC will be managed (by managers or it’s members) Mine is managed by it’s members (me)

  • Purpose- Put something like “The LLC is organized to conduct all lawful forms of Real Estate inspections”.

You will pay a 1 time fee of $300 (maybe more now)

You don’t need an EIN to file but I reccomend you get an EIN with the IRS anyway. You will need it for other business related things. (It’s free & online)

Research annual franchise tax with the Texas Comptroller. You won’t have to pay anything (unless you make more than 1.3M) but you will have to file each year. They will mail you documents to the registered agent address after you are approved for your LLC.

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