I am a newly licensed inspector in TX. and I’m in the middle of trying to start the legal side of the business. I am going through LegalZoom and they are telling me that as a Real Estate Inspector I would have to file for a PLLC (professional limited liability co.) instead of a LLC, which of course is more expensive. I’ve seen countless home inspectors websites from all over the country and have only seen them listed as LLC’s. Is filing your inspection business as a PLLC something new or am I missing something. They did say that since I am licensed through the State of TX. this is mandatory. Also, does it matter or have any pro’s/con’s?

Mark, I would advise talking to an accountant about the pro and cons of each and they would probably have other suggestions to get things right from the get go.

I went through the legal zoom dance as well. Unless there is something drastically different in TX, You only need an LLC. As Thomas mentioned, call an Acct. to verify but I can almost gaurantee you do not need the PLLC.

A good person to ask is

			Mark Cohen

General Counsel to InterNACHI
(303 638-3410

Licensed Inspectors in Texas are considered professionals providing a professional service. When the sole purpose of the company is to provide a professional service then Texas requires a PLLC.

And there you have it, something is different in TX!

I posted asking a similar question today and a 16 year Texas inspector says hes not aware of that requirement. I honestly have no idea how I need to register my business

The chart referred to in another thread on this topic

seems to clearly indicate that a PLLC is allowed, but not an LLC.

I put the profits from my inspection business into my personal LLC, (S-corp, sole proprietor), but do not operate it as an LLC per se.

I was surprised to find that they now allow Real Estate Agents to operate as LLC’s. That was prohibited in the past.

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