filter maintenance hint...

might want to check monthly and change filters as needed before the media is sucked off the frame into the blower fan

both coils on 3yr old systems now require complete cleaning and one blower fan has to be replaced…over a few $s worth of filters

DSC00099 (Small).JPG

Thanks Barry I have never seen one this bad.LOL

more inspections = more seen

it also helps to install filters in the proper direction
had those been the paper media would have been contained by the screen wire & had less opportunity to billow or be torn away & sucked into the blower

Yes agreed and have seen my share.

You mean they are not supposed to look like that?

What were you doing in my attic?

You never seen a bag filter before:D

not down here, she didn’t sound like she was from OHi…

Hah, as a matter of fact it did resemble the images you sent a few months ago!

guess they didn’t get/read your report, storage to the max in front of both units

yes & what i thought of after the dust settled