Client gets new furnace

This was in the attic of a recent inspect had multiple visible problems flame was rolling out, A-coil was matted over low air flow. As it turned out the heat exchanger was cracked. Very obvious lack of preventive maint killed this unit

They’re gonna call it a day on this one, too.

I couldn’t even get to the heat/evap unit the ceiling had cratered and mechanical closet doors wouldn’t open.

When they sell as/is around here they mean it.

This one was only 6 months old.


Yea Barry they kind of look like brothers


Kinda look like brothers

Gee Bruce. Did the owner show you how they cleaned the filter by pulling it out, turning it around and then reinstalling it?

Looks like my old (Carrier?) horizontal furnace. Nasty looking blower & motor, bet it has been running hot, maybe even cavitating with all that buildup.
You think the owner ever new about filters?
I remember our 2nd house we built in 1981, had a 58SG100 horiz., which lasted 4yrs., replaced with a 58EG100 horiz., which lasted for another 4yrs. At that point, I changed to Amana. We had been exclusive Carrier dealers and were changing to a multi-line dealer of which Amana was one line.

I liked this one. Renters hadn’t changed the filter in the entire time they lived there.

PA260061 (Small).JPG

PA260060 (Small).JPG


We call that “Bullet Proof” down here. Maintaining a clear airway with proper filter maintenance is like keeping you oil changed in your car. It’s relatively cheap maintenance and can cause so many problems if neglected. I stress that in every report.

I always recommend, in my reports:

  1. Use the inexpensive, blue fiberglass filters. The “HEPA” filters, “90 day” filters or allergy filters a) Don’t work to clean pollen or allergens, b) reduce the air flow too much and c) are expensive.
  2. The new cartridge filters cal cost $20 per, and you still have to change them every 30 days.
  3. The furnace filter is NOT to protect your lungs or improve indoor air quaility. They are to protect the furnace’s heat exchanger.

Change the filter every 30 days and by the blue fiberglass filters, so you can afford to change them everY 30 days.

If the furnace is in the attic, make sure that you have easy access to it so that you will actually go up there every month and change the darn thing.

Hope this helps;