Fire Place Chimneys

Is there any problem with chimneys being built this way. I have seen a few around town but this is my first house with this type of cover over the chimney flue. Thre are gas fireplaces, but there is a wood burner on the rear patio and a wood burner in an office.

Picture 035.jpg

Picture 043.jpg

Picture 049.jpg

Picture 036.jpg

What is it made out of? It it lined?

From what I can see, it looks okay. I would just comment on the discoloration, and buildup that will likely occur. Annual maintenance strongly recommended.

Built out of stucco

I should say stucco wall cladding, probably wood underneath stucco

I don’t see a problem as long as the proper clearances to the chimney pipe are met. I suppose the lid over could effect the draft some…

Prefrabicated fireplace systems have sspecific requirements with regards to acceptable shrouds.

When you say gas, do you mean gas *only, *or does the “wood burner” share the same flue?

Are we looking at concrete with stucco finish or are we looking at frame and synthetic (EFIS) surround and cap/cover? It looks like EFIS.

I’d be worried for gas logs operation, or/and especially woodburning operation if any is wood frame and EFIS finish.

The cap in 1st picture (diff. from 2nd & 3rd pic) looks like a good quality “airfoil” type, anti backdraft design cap, but looks pretty close to the stucco looking cap/cover.
I’ll be interested in what you finally determine.

The shrouds are framed in and then stucco’d. I can not tell the clearances as I could not get to the shrouds because of the tile roofing which I will not walk on because of the possibility of breaking the tiles. I have recommended a level II fireplace inspection by a qualified specialist about the clearances, which I do not know.