Stucco question

Gentleman, I could use some help on this. I am trying to help a local agent clear up a somewhat ambiguous report and remedy request, in that they really didn’t specifiy what they wanted done, only that attention was needed at the stucco on the chimney area.

Take a look at the pics below and let me know you’re opinions on cause and further action and or a remedy. The inspection report points out that stucco should not be used on sloped surface because of its porosity or something to that effect. A stucco guy was on site as well when I got there, and he had recommended that we wait till it dries for him to have a better look at it and he has suggested sealing and painting it. I told the agent what a great source of information that I have in this board and would get him some additional feedback.

DSC00344 (Small).JPG

DSC00344 (Small).JPG

DSC00343 (Small).JPG

DSC00345 (Small).JPG

DSC00346 (Small).JPG

The problem starts at the cap and trim boards! Painting it will trap moisture.

Freeze and thaw cycles have started pushing the stucco there for cracking it.

Where are the kickout diverters at the roof line?

Imo it needs to be taken off and redone.

The trim boards at the top need to be smaller and the cap needs to come over them all the way.

IR pictures would be ugly.

Thanks for your input. IR images didn’t help in this case as trees made a big mess of the solar loading on the surface(shadows).

It might look like this under the stucco.

No moisture barrier on wrapping the outside corners nor did it extend up under the trim.