Fire proofing attached garages

I was doing a new construction inspection on an attached garage and it dawned on me that the plastic central vac piping was in the party wall between the house and the garage. If I were to compare this with a multi unit housing we as inspectors are to report on any plastic piping through a party wall from one unit to another. Is this a fair comparison as there are more strict building practices when it comes to gas and fire proofing an attached garage?

Local codes may differ so to answer your question we need to know where you are located.

This home was in Leduc, Alberta. But I have seen many in Edmonton that are the same. Plastic piping through the wall.

OK, Curtis go to the Alberta chapter web site. There is a link to municipal affairs that is responsible for the building code. The 2006 code calls for the interior of attached garages to be insulated, drywalled, taped and mudded.