Approved gas pipe?

The meter was on adjacent exterior. The main fuel pipe is located in garage.

Is this an acceptable material?

Any report verbiage would be appreciated.

I was looking through the National Fuel code and this does not appear to be properly sleeved and I am unsure of the material.

150809 005 (Small).jpg

It looks like CSST with the covering removed.

I believe when it is run through exterior walls it needs to be sleeved, also.

I would be inclined to believe this also. :smiley:

So, you’re a believer…:smiley:

Larry, that is surprising to see Brian as a believer. :mrgreen:

Not sure about residential, but Commercial, nothing but hard pipe is approved to go through an exterior wall, permanent or temporary installations both.
Maybe it is a State Regy or something. :slight_smile:

Having seen/inspected miles and miles of every kind of pipe carrying all types of Gasses/Liquids/Cryogenic Fluids, yes I believe in proper piping installations. :wink:

I go along with this as well.
No flex or connections in the wall. CSST allowed in INTERIOR locations IAW Mfg recommendations.

Gas connectors will not pass through building or appliance wall.

Just razzin’ ya, BK…:wink:

I know, and I like it. As for flex pipe in walls, that is allowed by the manufacturer and the code. Local codes may not allow it.:smiley: