Fire Protection above garage

Should there be sheetrock covering these areas. The areas are above the garage, bedrooms on the other side. House built in 2006. Three years old!!!


Fire separation is probably the garage ceiling. Was the access/pull down fire resistant?

It appears that the fire separation at the ceiling is there.

Is it complete down below and are the walls fire separated down below also?

If the fire sparation exists for the ceiling and walls below the ceiling joists the fire separation is not needed above also.

R309.2 Larry is correct. :slight_smile:

I did not write it. For those reason’s. I do not like it but that is the C***.


A Modular home built in 1986 had a one car garage under the Home. does this require a Fire separation? The basement is all open to the garage area there is wooden door at the top of the steps there is insulation in the rafters in the basement and nothing is covered with sheet rock. There is No separation from the garage and oil tank or furnace either.

In a nutshell, there must be fire seperation *at some point *between the garage and the living spaces. The oil tank, no issue. Have seen them in garages. The furnace, no problem *if *there are no return or supply vents in the areas open to the garage. JMHO. I’m sure I’ll be corrected, if I am incorrect.

I did write up the fire separation. I do think there is to be a steel post filled with concrete so a car can not hit the tank. I am not 100% sure on that so I did not write it up. there also should be a wall if the tank is with 10’ of the furnace (there was not one).

Question along the same lines: Is OSB accepted as a firewall material?

I recently had a contractor tell me that is is accepted. -I doubed him.

Carry a scrap piece in your truck, and the next time a contractor states it is accepted, hold a lighter to it, and watch how fast he changes his position. :wink:

Get the full OSB story here;