Garage w/plywood ?

If the attached garage has the correct sheetrock thickness where needed. Meaning 5/8 on the ceiling because there is a living space above and 1/2 on the common wall with the home. Can there be plywood attached on top w/out a concern? Maybe its a stupid question I tried to see if I could find anything to say NO and I could not. However I thought I heard a different inspector mention in the past that this posed a issue. So I am asking here.

Because of the plywood/osb at this property (completely covered plywood on walls and osb on ceiling) I could not determine and did mention that there could be a issue and to evaluate further but I am asking for future encounters.


If the gypsum board completely covered the walls/ceiling, either over or under the plywood, and properly taped/sealed, that would meet minimum fire separation requirements.