Fire taping of garages.

What year did the IBC start requiring residential garages to be fire taped? I just inspected a 2008 single family with attached garage and it had bare drywall on the walls and ceiling. Anyone have an answer?? Mike Paule, Peoria IL

In many jurisdictions I inspect in… as long as all joints/edges of the sheetrock fall onto a stud, no taping is required. Those edges that do not, must be taped and mudded, not just taped.

No fire proof requirements in Canada as of yet. Gas penetrations yes.
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Greg, city of Calgary requires taping and mudding of residentual garages.

Mike, When I started in construction, 1985, I was a drywaller and we were doing one coat of tape on firewalls back then. Not sure what code was used then but I believe it was mandated more from the life safety code rather than the building code.